Effects of WW1 on Germany

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  • Effects of WW1 on Germany
    • Germany folds in on the monarchy and becomes a republic
      • Forming the Wiemar republic
        • Political opposition
          • spartacists
            • left wing communist party
          • Kapp putsch
            • It was a violent uprising form the right side of the political spectrum
              • In march 1920 Dr wolfghang kapp led 5,000 armed freikorps into berlin effectively causing a siege (these were the same troops who had helped defend the weimar republic against the spartacists)
                • It was stopped when the workers of berlin called a general strike. Without power, water or transport the city stopped
              • They looked like they would not be stopped as the army refused to fire on their ex-comrades
          • Munich putsch
            • The munich putsch was a violent protest led by the nazis party (formed in 1920) and their leader adolf hitler. With the aim to topple the weimar republic
              • Hitler and is men interrupted political meetings and took government buildings
                • The army and local enforcement forces had moved on and no longer had any issue with firing on protesters due to the nostalgia of camaraderie (from WW1) having warn off
                  • Soldiers of the weimar republic fired upon nazis rebels and killed 16 supporters. the rebellion dispersed and Hitler got away in a car
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      • Mainly due to the allies demanding the abdication of the Kaiser in return for peace
        • The kaiser originally refuses
    • Treaty of versailles
      • Terms
        • Was forbidden to join Austria
          • Over 3 million Germans lived with in Austria and could not be represented by gertmany
            • The reason for doing this was if they had become one it would have  added to the German capacity to wage a war in the future.
        • Could not join the league of nations
          • If they could not join then they could not negotiate their fate, they just had to accept it
        • Forced to pay reparations of 6,60 million
        • had its armed forces limited
          • The armed forces were the pride of Germany and having them limited was a huge blow to  the morale of the German people
        • Lost some territory in europe
        • Lost its over seas empire
          • Lost some territory in europe
  • The military was limited to 100,000 men and a navy of only 6 ships


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