Effects of the Crimean War

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  • Effects of the Crimean War
    • The difference between Alexander II and his father
      • Alex wanted industrialisation in fear of losing power
        • Nicholas wanted feudal system & Russification
    • Crimean war/military
      • Army generals based on status not merit
      • 1 musket between 3 soldiers, even then they weren't as good as west
      • Russia had lost 450,000 most due to disease. 12m soldiers exempt due to health - Miluytin 1856
      • Admin inadequacies led to loss of trade, peasant uprising
      • Serfs not well trained. Hard to communicatedue to size
      • Serfs unmotivated. No land
      • Communication issues, large numbers
        • Lost pride, needed skills
    • Serfs by 1855
      • Serfs could not be killed, liable to conscription. Could be sold
      • Barschina worked with labour (3 days), No rights if wanted more
        • Mir owned by village elders, land distributed
          • Had to have permission to marry
    • Economic
      • Population 2x, could not meet demand
        • no desire to trade, rent up
      • Russia spent 3 years of income on war 1854-5
    • Moral
      • Visits. Cares?
    • Role of the Nobility
      • Milyutin's 1856 report, serfdom preventing territorial military organisation


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