effects of soil erosion

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  • effects of soil erosion
    • reduced agricultural productivity
      • lower soil ferility
        • Leds to lower crop productivity
          • reduced crop productivity could led to food shortages and famine
            • especially for poorer countries that are reliant on good harvests
      • reduced ability of the soil to store water and nutrient
      • High rates of runoff
    • landslides
    • turbid runoff in rivers
      • causes sedimentation
        • especially in reserviors, which is problematic
          • can reduce storage capacity
          • create infrastructural difficulties e.g. blocking outlet valves
    • reduced flow capacity in rivers
      • flooding downstream with rivers
    • coastal sedimentation
      • Leds to damage to coral reefs
        • big problem in the carribean
    • Soil erosion also leads to desertification. Desertification refers to increase of desert areas.
      • Sahel
    • damage to roads and footpaths
      • footpaths etc can become blocked with excessive soil erosion
        • Negative impact to motorists


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