Effects of Rapid Growth on an Urban Area in an LIC: Cairo

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  • Effects of Rapid Growth on Cairo
    • Congestion
      • 2 million cars, 200,000 motorbikes and over a million taxis
      • Government introduced low emission gas busses and expanded the metro system
    • Noise Pollution
      • Millions of vehicles, loudspeakers calling muslims to prayer and nightclubs on the River Nile
      • Noise is above acceptable levels according to the World Health Organisation
      • Particularly bad in the Saraya al Gezira district
    • Air Pollution
      • Half a million residents are expected to develop serious health problems leading to premature death
      • Children have - Vitamin D deficiency caused by smog  -lower IQ due to lead concentration -80% rise in tooth decay due to lead
    • Land Pollution
      • 60% of waste is collected and the rest is left on streets and in canals, drains and dump sites which attracts rats and vermin
      • Vermin carry diseases which can affect the residents of areas such as Helwan
    • Water Pollution
      • 80% of industrial waste water is released into the Nile untreated
      • 23% of residents do not have access to fresh water
      • 60% of sewage is carried raw in open canals to the Mediterranean
    • Housing Problems
      • 'City of the Dead' is a 4 mile long cemetery where people live illegally because it gives them shelter and they have nowhere else to go
      • 60% of population live in shanty dwellings
    • Positives
      • There is a large pool of workers willing to do low paid menial jobs eg. Zaballen who collect and recycle waste
      • The buying power of a large population lead to a faster developing economy and expansion in manufacturing and retail
  • Capital and largest city in Egypt with 25% of Egypt's population
  • Growth of population = 500,000 a year and life expectancy increased from 41 in 1960 to 70 in 2010


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