Effects of Nitrogen Containing Fertilisers

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    • Species Diversity
      • Nitrogen rich soils
        • Favour growth rapidly growing species
          • Nettles
          • Grasses
          • Out-compete many other species
      • Low soil nitrogen concentrations
        • Hay meadows (eg) are allowed to survive
        • Competitive species can survive (but not thrive)
      • Reduces species diversity
    • Leaching
      • Nutrients are removed from the soil
        • Rainwater dissolves soluble nutrients
          • Nitrrate ions
          • Carry them deep into soil - beyond plant roots
      • Nitrate ions
        • Find their way into watercourses
          • Streams
          • Rivers
          • Fresh water lakes
            • Harmful effects on humans, source of drinking water
        • High concentrations of nitrate ions in drinking water
          • Prevent efficient oxygen transport in babies
          • Link to stomach cancer
          • Harmful effects on humans, source of drinking water
        • Can cause eutrophication on environment
    • Eutrophication
      • Nutrient concentrations increase in bodies of water
      • Natural process
        • Freshwater lakes
        • Lower reaches of streams
      • 11 STEPS


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