Affects of positive relationships

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  • Effects of a positive relationship
    • Family
      • Provides support on work (I)
      • Provides advise of diet ect (P)
      • Allow people to express their feelings freely, without interruption, a person to just listen (E)
      • Go on trips together, nights out ect (S)
    • Frienships
      • Provides help with school work, homework or work assignments (I)
      • Join clubs and participate in activities for example gym clubs (P)
      • Can provide support and comfort in difficult situations (E)
      • Go out and about top socialise with each other (S)
    • Intimate/ sexual
      • Provides you with support in work and encourageme-nt to study (I)
      • Go out and participate in exercise clubs together as there is encourageme-nt (P)
      • Can allow a person to admit their feelings and express their view freely (E)
      • Strong relationships allows the people to go out together and make new relationships (S)
    • Working
      • Develop friend/ colleagues (S)
      • learn to trust (E)
      • Provide support with tasks and allow them to complete work (I)
      • Participate in activities (P)


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