Norfolk Broads National park: problems & Mangement

management of a national park

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    • problems
      • increase in litter
      • erosion of footpaths
      • congestions from traffic
      • damage to wildlife
      • damage to farmland
      • pollution (noise/air)
      • fires (cause by BBQ)
      • deforestation to build attractions
      • price of houses increases
      • vandalism
    • Norfolk broads
      • location
        • east and north suffolk
        • East coast of england
        • north east of Norwich
      • 7 million visitors a year
        • the attractions for touirsts
          • variety of restaurants
          • windmills
          • historic buildings
          • attractive scenery
          • peaceful and tranquil setting
          • bird watching
          • manamde attraction
            • bewilderwood
            • wroxham barns
            • crazy golf course
      • 6,400 people live there
        • own 77% of the land
    • national parks
      • aims of national park
        • to protect areas of countryside
        • providing places of relaxation and recreation
        • and still making the land accessible to the public
      • near coastal resorts and in the countyside
    • management
      • information boards
        • make public responisble and respectful towards the envirorment
      • dredging
        • hard engineering
        • protects river banks from erosion by taking material out of the river bed
      • concrete matrice
        • drainage sytem protects the river bank from further erosion
      • channerlising
        • no more mooring on the river banks
          • will reduce erosion
      • no male groups
        • no bostrous group+no people getting out of control and causes harm to the wildlife
        • reduces noise pollution
      • speed limmit
        • 5m.p.h
        • fast boats can cause harm to river and wildlife
        • reducing wakes will reduce erosion to the river banks
        • redused noise and air pol
      • planting reeds
        • planted to strengthen river banks and to reduce river bank erosion


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