Effect of age on eyewitness testimony

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  • Effect of age on EWT
    • Parker and Carranza 1989 compared primary school children and college students on their ability to identify an individual after a mock crime.
      • Children had a higher rate of choosing but most likely to make errors
    • Yarmey 1993 stopped adults and asked them to recall the physical appearance of a woman they spoke to 2 mins before
      • young and middle aged adults more confident in recall but no significant difference in accuracy of recall between ages
        • own age bias Anastasi and Rhodes 2006 adults shown photographs then had to identify who was in the original, each age group could identify their own age easier
    • Memon et al 2003 when the delay between incident and identification was short, no significant difference in recall between young and old, when delayed by a week older  witnesses significantly less accurate


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