The EEC Rebate

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  • EEC Rebate
    • Definition
      • Each memeber of the EU has to pay a subscription fee each year to the budget which is distributed between the members
    • Why was Thatcher not happy?
      • She felt Britain was contributing too much. Especially as they were only the third richest country in the EU.1980 britain paid 1.2 billion,germany 699 million and France 13 million
      • She felt that it did not benefit Britain and alot of the money was going towards Germany and France.
      • Felt the terms heath accepted were not goood.
    • What did Thatcher do?
      • Met at the European Summit and discussed getting the money back.
      • At first the European Leaders did not want to listen to her but in the end Britain recieved 1.5 billion in rebate
    • Sucesses
      • The public and right wing press were delighted
      • Saved the British taxpayer millions over the next 10 years
      • Thatcher became more popular.
    • Failure
      • Her methods of negotiation was unlike that of other European leaders so this alienated her.
      • She clashed with the foreign office
      • Alot of people said she could of got what she wanted without making so many enemies
      • She failed to get on with the new French and German leaders


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