Edward Lyons

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  • Edward Lyons
    • Teenager
      • "I'm going to be late" - conscientious
      • Edward wishes he could be "just a little bit like that guy" when he sees Mickey - Insecure and lonely
      • Edward is defiant towards his teacher; "You shall not take my locket" - reflects unbreakable bond with the Johnstones
      • Educated
        • "How can I compare thee to a summer's day" - quotes Shakespeare
        • "Talk of Oxbridge"
        • "I've read about it"
        • "I've got halitosis"
        • "I'm going away tomorrow ... to university"
        • Edward's education provides him with opportunities unlike Mickey
      • "I'm not saying a word" - loyal to Mickey despite his feelings for Linda
      • 'Summer sequence' - fun-loving
    • Adult
      • 'He tries to thrust some notes into Mickey's hands' - patronising - doesn't need to work for money (supported by parents)
      • 'Edward enters in a duffle coat and college scarf' - still in education while Mickey is unemployed - opportunities protect him from masses of workers who became unemployed (context - Thatcher's government)
      • "You're still a kid" - class and opportunities allow Eddie to be care-free
      • Edward has a "Light Romance" with Linda even though she is married to Mickey - disloyal/no longer supresses his feelings
      • "Councillor Eddie Lyons" - opportunities
    • Child
      • 'Bright and forthcoming' - Eddie has an element of confidence as a child
      • Edward 'offers a bag from his pocket' which reflects his well-mannered upbringing and his luxurious lifestyle as he has enough to share
      • Edward teaches Mickey the word "dictionary" - educated
      • Edward is unaware of the "F word" - innocent
      • "clean, neat and tidy" - exact replication of Mrs Lyons' promise


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