Edward IV Religious Reforms

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  • Edward IV Religious Reforms
    • Treason Act in 1547
      • Allowed religious issues to be discussed and removed censorship
      • Meant that Protestant material could be brought into England legally for the first time
    • Act passed in 1547 to end the practice of masses for the dead
    • In 1549 Cramner introduces the Protestant Book of Common Prayer
      • Enforced by the Act of Uniformity
      • Translated the traditional services into English to enhance understanding of the text
      • Was ambiguous in relation to the the Eucharist
    • In 1547 the injunctions against pilgrimages and other Catholic traditional practices from 1538 was reissued
    • Archbishop Cramner was a growing radical influence
    • 1552 Book of Common Prayer accompanied another Act of Uniformity
      • removed remaining 'conservative' ceremonies
        • gave Protestant form to the baptism, confirmation, burial and Communion services (removing ambiguity of last book)
      • restricted Church music
      • banned traditional vestments to more simple ones
    • Impact on society
      • Services were plainer and more simple
      • Poeple became less inclined to leave money for their parish
      • John Hooper claimed that the pace of reform was hampered by uncooperative public


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