Education for Black Americans 1920s-30s

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  • Education for Black Americans in the 20s+30s
    • In the early 20's it was legal to have separate schools for black and white children
    • In 1954 the supreme court declared that segregated schools were illegal
      • First victory for the campaign for civil rights
    • The NAACP made a court case against the board of education for a girl called Linda Brown
      • She had to travel miles to get to the black school, rather then attending the nearby white only school
      • Did this to see if the Supreme Court would continue to allow segragation
      • If they won the court case the segregation of school children would be illegal
      • The courts declared that segregated education could not be equal
    • The integration of schools was highly opposed in the southern states
      • Many states looked for loopholes to try and avoid integrated schools- some schools became private
    • In 1957 the Supreme Court ordered the Governor of Arkansas to let nine black students attend an all white central high school
      • The Governor ordered 270 national guards to go to the school to "maintain law and order" when the black students came
        • They were really there to stop the black students from entering the school
      • The president responded by sending in 10,000 national guardsmen and 1000 paratroopers to protect the students
        • They stayed for a whole year
        • Showed that the president was determined to enforce the Supreme Courts ruling
    • Despite the actions of the courts and President, the success of their actions was limited
      • Progress towards desegregation in Little Rock  was extremely slow
      • The slowness of the process made civil rights campaigners question whether indirect action was working
    • In 1962 James Meredith appealed the decision to exclude him from Mississippi University because he was balck
      • Mississippi state and university officials objected
      • President Kennedy's brother sent in federal marshals to enforce the court ruling
      • When he eventually entered the university it was seen as a great victory


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