Ethnicity and Achievement

Internal and External Factors

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  • Education: Ethnicity and Achievement
    • External Factors:
      • Language
        • Asian families don't have language as a first language proving a significant problem when english lacked fluency
        • Gillborn: High attainment in indian pupils suggests its not a barrier to sucsess
      • Family Life
        • Driver: African parents have high expectations despite little formal education themselves
        • Pilkington: cohesiveness in asian families assist in high educational acheivement
        • Gillborn: African receive the most encouragement to move to higher education
        • Ethnic minorities see success as a route to upward social mobility
        • White working class students are the lowest achievers with low aspirations
    • Internal factors:
      • Racism and under achievement
        • Gillborn: Expectations of black students were comparatively low and denied access to top sets
        • Lack of black role models in schools such as teachers
        • Smith: All schools are tolerant of ethnic groups and they are less excluded than white students
      • Teacher Expectations
        • teachers have lower expectations of black students and are labelled as trouble makers
        • Gillborn: Results in a self fulfilling prophecy of disruptive and low acheiving
        • Mac an Ghaill: not a direct relationship between expectation and achievement, varies considerably across all groups
    • Curriculum Bias:
      • English and history are very ethnocentric and foreign languages are primarily european


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