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  • Education
    • The British Educational System
      • 1870 Fosters Education Act, with the state assuming full reponsability
        • Compulsory until 10
      • Fisher Education Act 1918- compulsory until 14
      • In1957 the school leaving age was raised to 15
      • In1972 the leaving age was raised to 16
      • There are plans to raise the age to 18
    • Butler Education Act (1944)
      • It made secondary education free and compulsory up until 15
      • Its aims were to improve the economic efficiency of the country by developing skills needed for the workforce
        • To create  a more equal society by giving everyone the opportunity to be educated.
    • The Tripartite System
      • Developed after WW2- based around the idea that students would take an IQ test at 11
      • Either go to a grammar school, technical or a secondary modern
      • They were meant to have a 'parity of esteem in reality this was not the case
      • Only two types of school were available in most places coz of the cost
      • People  who went to Grammar school were able to take specialised subjects so pupils were able to go to uni
        • Secondary- many were not allowed to take exams
      • Even though girls were more likely to pass their pass marks were higher- mainly boys grammar schools
      • The social class was still intact- working class went to secondary modern so were less motivated
  • There are plans to raise the age to 18




This is useful, but a bit more information/evaluation of the points would be good.

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