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  • Education
    • Mines Act 1842
      • Women not allowed to work in the mines
      • Lord Shaftesbury wanted to limit working hours to protect children
        • Has economic effect for families, and the children would have spare time
      • Girls and boys under 10 not to work underground
      • No one under 15 to work winding gears
      • Inspectors appointed to inspect the mines
    • Dame Schools
      • Early form of private school
      • Retired widows ran it-without pension
      • Most common school in Britain
      • Parents had to pay
      • Taught basic skills
    • Ragged Schools
      • Run by volunteers
      • 1856-Mary Carpenter opened one to help orphans as childhood should be cherished
      • Moral and survival skills
      • 1844- Ragged School Union set up by Shaftesbury
    • Monitorial Schools
      • Encouraged by Dr Kay Shuttleworth
      • 1 master could teach hundreds by training the able children to be future trainers
    • Government Reaction
      • MPs not keen on education because who would do the work?
      • Laissez-faire outlook
      • Fear an educated working class could be dangerous as they'd breed discontent
      • 1833- grant of £20,000
      • 1847- grant of £100,000


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