Class and Achievement: Outside School

Explanation of Material Deprivation, Cultural Capital and Cultural Deprivation

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  • Education: outside school factors of class and acheivement
    • Cultural deprivation:
      • w/c parents value education less, leading to a negative effect on performance
      • Bernstein: elaborated (analytical) and restricted (descriptive) speech codes
      • w/c less likely to give educational toys affecting intellectual development
      • keddie: cultural capital is a myth, w/c are culturally different not deprived, they fail because the system is dominated by m/c values
    • Material deprivation:
      • w/c Lack of physical resources such as money, room, equipment.
      • Having money allows m/c to buy educational equipment, pay for trips and provide greater learning oppotunities
      • Many face selection or admission by mortgage
      • Gerwitz: m/c are priviliged, skilled choosers who understand schools admission policys
    • Cultural Capital:
      • Bordieu: Knowledge, values, attitudes of middle class
      • The culture, knowledge and language of the school fits more closely to middle class students values
      • W/c experience cultural deficit where thee teachers attach little importance to their values and lack cultural capital of educational sucsess


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