Education - Theory

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  • Education - Theory
    • Feminism
      • Radical Feminism
        • The patriarchy still works through school to reinforce traditional gender roles that disadvantage girls
          • The whole 'moral panic of boys reflects a male dominated system
          • Despite improvement in girls education, subject choices are gendered
            • Girls aren't breaking the glass ceiling
          • Traditional gender roles are reinforced in school at a disadvantage to girls
          • Despite doing well girls are subjected to sexist bullying
      • Liberal Feminism
        • They celebrate the progress made in improving girls achievement
        • They believe the 'future is female' and girls are now outperforming boys
        • It's a matter of time before more women move into politics and higher paid managerial roles at work
      • Marxist Feminism
        • Working class women are oppressed, as education weakens women
          • Due to inequality in education leads to inequality in society, this is done in several ways
            • Gender sterotypes
            • Gendered roles
            • Gendered language
            • Lack of women in the curriculum
            • Lower university attendance for women
    • Marxism
      • They see education working in the interests of the ruling elites
        • The system performs three functions for the elite
          • Reproduces class inequality
          • Legitimises class inequality
          • Works in the interest of capitalist employers
      • The values of school correspond to the exploitative logic of the work place
        • Passive subservience
        • The acceptance of hierarchy
        • Motivation by external rewards
    • Functionalism
      • They focus on the four positives of education
        • Durkheim
          • Creating social solidarity
          • Learning specialist skills for work
        • Parsons
          • Teaching us core values
        • Role allocation and meritocracy
    • Post- modernism
      • Not appropriate to have a universal education system
      • Modern education does not work for every student
      • Ideas that fit with the post modernism agenda
        • Home education
        • Liberal forms of education (Summer hill School)
    • Neolibralism and the new right
      • Schools should teach subjects that prepare pupils for work - New vocational-ism
      • Education created an 'education market' schools are now run like businesses as they are now competing with each other
      • The state should provide a framework to ensure all schools are teaching the same thing - the national curriculum


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