Education - Postmodernism

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  • Postmodernism and education
    • Teachers + children construct knowledge together.
      • Cultures are of equal value, children from ethnic minorities should explore their own cultures.
        • Values depend on culture, no universal values.
    • Modern culture linked to capitalism and technological advances
    • Knowledge
      • Teachers  + educators are biased, with children they construct knowledge.
      • Creation of knowledge is an active process.
      • Construction of knowledge is known as discourse.
    • Culture
      • Functionalist goal of unifying society leads to oppression.
        • Based on one dominant point of view.
      • Truth knowledge and cultural belief is dependant on your beliefs.
        • Imposing your views on another isn't acceptable.
      • Children from ethnic groups have the right to assert their cultural identity against British culture.
    • Societal values
      • All truth is relative and personal, it is expected teachers offer their own values / social agendas.
        • Schools should be offering children access to a variety of opinions.
      • Cultural values should include diversity, emotional intelligence and creativity.
    • Identity + understanding
      • Each individual is a personal construct.
        • We all engage in an active process of developing an identity.
      • Role of education is to help individuals decide who they want to be. Empower them to achieve their own personal targets.
    • Criticisms
      • Chomsky argues it offers no factual evidence to support it. Makes it difficult to use the theory effectively.
      • Understates diversity within society in the past.
      • No explanation, just describes society.
      • Dawkins suggests it's empty of meaning.


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