Education and Social Mobility

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  • Education and Social Mobility
    • Marxist
      • Louis Althusser - Reproduction of labour power theory
        • 2. The informal hidden curriculum reproduces ruling class ideology necessary for a docile and submissive workplace
        • 1. The formal school curriculum reproduces the skills necessary for a technically efficient labour force of workers
      • Samuel Bowles & Herbert Gintis: Correspondence theory
        • Learning to accept and obey a hierarchy of authority
        • Research on 227 students in a New York high school
        • Learning to find satisfaction in external rewards rather than work itself
        • Learning to believe that social inequality is just and legitimate
      • Powell - Social Closure strategies (2002)
        • Social mobility is restricted because certain occupational groups can close off entry to 'outsiders' - those lower down the social scale
        • The well-connected and influential social classes can ensure that their offspring are recruited into high-level professional occupations
        • Related to high levels of social capital
          • Social capital = the networks and connections built through membership of elite private schools
    • Functionalist
      • Talcott Parsons - Transition theory
        • This miniature society provides the training ground in which children can experience society beyond the family
          • This eases the transition from childhood to adulthood
        • Saw the classroom as a "microcosm of society"
      • Davis & Moore - Role allocation theory (1945)
        • People's class position is a fair reflection of their talents
        • Educational qualifications function to allocate individuals to an occupational role that suits their abilities
      • Peter Saunders - Life choices
        • If societies provide the same opportunities to their members through a meritocratic schooling system, then educational success or failure results from the different choices people make
        • This does not guarantee that such children will indefinitely be upwardly mobile, but it usually guards against downward mobility


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