Education and Nazi influence in Schools

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  • Education and Nazi influence in Schools
    • Hitler believed children should learn to idolise him from a young age
      • He realised that in the future he may have to call on these people to put up with hardships and to fight  and even die for him
        • It was hoped that if they were taught to idolise him when they wee young then they would continue to do so for the rest of their lives
    • School Subjects
      • History: learned about great German victories and how badly Germany was treated at the end of WWI
      • Geography: areas of land that Germany would soon conquer
      • PE: the amount trebled
      • Science: concentrated on weapon making and chemical warfare
        • Girls: biology and sex education
        • Boys: chemistry and physics
      • Maths: students were asked to calculate how much money could be saved by eliminating all disabled people
    • Eugenics (race studies): the science of using controlled, selective breeding to improve hereditary qualities of the human race
      • Students were taught how to improve their own race and the inferiority of black people, eastern Europeans, and in particular Jews
      • The eugenic theory encompassed: + eugenics: encouraging reproduction of those genetically fit and - eugenics: aims to prevent those deemed mentally or  physically or morally unfit to procreate usually through sterilisation or segregation
      • Teachers had to provide "evidence" that certain races were "inferior"
        • These people were often referred to as "untermenschen" (sub-human)
    • Textbooks were re-written in order to put forward Nazi ideas as accepted facts and teachers had to impart Nazi ideology as part of their lessons


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