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  • Edna
    • The maid
      • Working class
        • Same as Eva
    • Only appears a few times in the play
      • Does so and gets tasks to preform
    • Is treated rudely at the start
      • By the end the Birlings may begin to treat her better, we don't know
    • Represents individuals that are working
      • 'Edna' is an uncommon name
    • Is the first one to see the inspector
      • She 'ushers' the inspector into the dining room
        • A fitting response to the fact that he's about to lecture the B's on looking after girls like her
    • The only maid we see appear
      • Could be because shes the only servant or that there are others that we just can't see
        • She could be the only servant to show that she's expected to do everything
          • The Birlings treat working class people like cheap labour
        • This was a play so might mean that it was due to budget - please don't write that
    • At the time she would've worked very long hours
      • 5am-anytime roughly
        • 'Wait up' - Mrs B page 61
    • Priestly uses her to express the responsibility that the B's feel for people
    • Could be dismissed at any time for no reason
    • She's a very minor character
      • Has very few lines
        • Most of them include 'ma'am' or 'sir'
        • She has no conversation with he B's
          • She is shown to be a part of the 'millions and millions' of invisible people
            • She has no character development
              • We don't know much about her, nor would the B's
                • They're unlikely to feel any responsibility towards her aside paying her wages


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