Edgar and Edmund

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  • Edgar and Edmund
    • Edgar
      • Only becomes important when he becomes Poor Tom
        • Grows through numorous disguises
          • "O do, de, do"
          • "Edgar's disguise both conceals him and reveals him" Mark Schwehn
      • Loyalty
        • Gloucester: "nursing him" on journey to Dover
        • Cares for father even though he disowned him
          • "Find out this villain, Edmund"
      • "Edgar becomes an agent of justice" Rebecca Warren
        • Helps restore order - loyalty towards family
          • Right person to rule? (Poetic Justice)
    • Edmund
      • Machiavellian
        • political ambition
        • malcontent
          • disagrees with hierachy/order of society
      • "base" "fine word legitimate"
        • has become bitter
      • clever and quick witted
      • topsy-turvy society - becomes Earl of Gloucester


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