Eden project

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  • Eden project
    • fieldwork
      • questionnaires
        • use visors and locals opinion and perception of a place to see if rebranding has been successful
        • qualitative primary data
          • data is relevant to the aim
          • taken on a work/school day so would reduce  the population validity
        • 60% of tourists were on holiday
        • 78% of tourist were staying a week or more
        • 80% of tourists thought the facilities were 'excellent'
      • perception surveys
        • carry out in each location to assess the quality of the environment
        • qualitative primary data
        • rain reduced the number of people we could survey
        • Boscatle scored 21/30, st Austell scored -6/30
        • Eden project has created the multiplier effect but it cannot be felt everywhere in Cornwall
      • environmental quality surveys
        • qualitative primary data
        • to see if the environment has a positive impact
        • dull day may of exaggerated of negativity
    • research
      • www.zoopla.co.uk
        • provide info about house prices
        • influenced by adverts and investors
        • average house price £176,000 while £400,000  Bournemouth
      • www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk
        • provides a wide range of statistics
          • comes from the government
          • qualitative
        • goes out of data, three years of date already
        • 30,000 less people taking a-level's than south west
        • 2% more people collecting benefits


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