Eden 1955 - 1957

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  • Eden 1955 - 1957
    • Called an election soon after being elected
      • 1955 Election results
        • Conservatives 344 SEATS 49.7% VOTES
          • Labour     277 SEATS           46.4% VOTES
            • Liberal 6 SEATS 2.7% VOTES
    • Foreign Secretary 1940 - 1945, 1951 - 1955
      • Colonel Nasser
        • Was promised by US and Britain loans for Aswan Dam, USSR also offered
        • USA withdrew offer concerned over Egypt approaching the soviets
        • Wanted to nationalise the Suez Canal, which he did in 1956
          • Foreign ships would pay to pass waterway
          • 2/3 of oil supply went through
      • Eden said Nasser could not be allowed "to leave his thumb on Britain's windpipe"
      • Israel would attack Egypt, and Britain and France would come in as peacemakers and invade Egypt
        • UN demanded ceasefire, opposed Britain and France
        • USA - Eisenhower did not support Threatened to cut of loans and investment to Britain and sell their sterling.
        • Israel attacked 29th October
        • USSR (busy with Hungarian uprising) sent formal letter to Britain and France, opposing action. Willing to use violence against them
        • Nasser blocked entrances to canal and deliberately sank ships
      • NOVEMBER withdrawal from Egypt
        • Nation divided over Suez
        • Oil shortages in Britain, restrictions in driving
        • American and UN opposition
        • International run on sterling
        • NO international backing
        • Britain was humiliated. Made them look WEAK
        • Eden fed to Jamaica and New Zealand
        • Protests turned violent, Pro War vs Anti War
        • Britain was no longer top dog in the world


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