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  • Eddie Carbone
    • Possessive
      • "He's[Rodolfo] stealing from me!"
        • talking about Cath as a belonging
        • doesn't realize Catherine was never his
      • "that ain't what I wanted though"
        • expects consultation on all decisions
        • doesn't believe Cath capable of decisions
        • only he matters
    • Reputation is Important/ Pride
      • "you can quicker get back a million dollars that you gave stole than a word you gave away"
        • sets up the idea of betrayal
        • shows how important trust is
      • "I'll kill you for that [spitting], you son of a *****!2
        • been publically shamed
        • desperately trying to regain his reputation
      • "What're you, accusin' me?"
        • proud
        • guilty conscious
        • trying not to be found out
      • A- "she can't marry you, can she?"    E- "What're you talkin' about,"
        • pride
        • refusal to admit due to the reputation
        • taboo and pride are stopping him
    • Greek Tragedy E is the protagonist with a hamartia that causes his own downfall
    • Jealous
      • s.d. "he is coming to address more to address Marco only"
        • protective
        • hostile
        • petty
      • "It ain't so free here either, Rodolfo"
        • anger is growing
        • assumes worst
        • judgement clouded
    • Relationship with Cath
      • s.d. "he [Eddie] can't help smiling at the sight of her [Cath]"
        • shows affection
        • seems sweet
      • "Well then, be an uncle then" -B
        • shows others are aware of this love
        • Eddie wants more


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