Eddie - A View From The Bridge

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  • Eddie
    • Master of the house
      • Catherine: Hold on, I'll get it [beer] for you
      • Eddie: Come in *Shakes Marco's hand*
      • Eddie: is standing facing the two seated women.
    • Loves his family/ cares about them
      • Eddie: Where's the job, what company [to Catherine]
      • Eddie: Maybe you ought ta put something on for them, they be here soon.
    • Neglects his wife/ bad father to Catherine
      • Beatrice: When am i gonna be a wife again?
      • Catherine: Eddie, I'm not gonna be a baby any more! You –*He reaches out suddenly, draws her  to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth. *
    • Over powering man / misogynistic / patronising
      • Eddie: What's the high heels for,Garbo?
      • Eddie: Do me a favour will you? Go ahead
      • Eddie ... Madonna [to Catherine]
      • Eddie: All actresses they wanna be around here
      • Eddie: *enveloping Catherine with his eyes*
      • Eddie: he's [Rodolpho] stealing her from me!


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