Eddie - A View from The Bridge Main Characters

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  • Eddie Carbone
      • Protective towards Catherine
        • This soon becomes obsessive and unnatural
      • Almost always in conflict with other characters.
      • Jealous of Rodolfo
      • A Man of honour respect.
        • Eventually breaks own code of honour by betraying M & R.
        • By the end he loses everyones respect.
          • Though he gains some dignity in his death.
    • Key Quotations
      • "She's seventeen years old, you gonna keep her in the house all her life?"
        • BEATRICE - He doesn't want Catherine to leave because of his complex emotions
      • "He was good to me Rodolfo... he was always the sweetest guy to me."
        • CATHERINE - Shows how Eddie was in the beginning before tragic fall. Direct Contrast to next quote.
      • I want to report something. Illegal immigrants."
        • EDDIE - the bottom of Eddie's tragic fall. He "rats" on M and R.
      • "You can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word you gave away."
        • EDDIE - Foreshadowing his own fate when he tells the Vinnie Bolzano story.
      • "He's a rat, He belongs in the sewer."
        • CATHERINE - this shows how by the end he has lost the respect and love from everyone
    • Examiner's Tips
      • AT BEGINNING he is strong, funny and a protective uncle.
        • ARRIVAL OF RODOLFO causes his protectiveness to shift to obsession. He becomes angry and breaks the community code of honour
      • Notice the disingtergration of Eddie's character until he is the shell of the man we see at the beginning.


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