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  • Ectotherms
    • Ectotherm is an organisms that relies on external sources of heat for Thermoregulation
    • Ectotherms are not able to increase respiration rates to generate heat internally
      • Therefore they can't control their body temperature, they need to use behavioural mechanisms
    • Advantage:   1) Ectotherms use less of their food in respiration. This means more energy obtained from their food can be use for growth
    • Advantage   2)             They don't need to find much food as they can survive long periods without food. e.g. A snake can survive weeks between meals
    • Disadvantage    1) They may not be capable of activity in the winter and so they may never warm up sufficiently .
    • Disadvantage 2)     They are less active in the cooler temeperatures. This is why they often have to warm up in the mornings before they can be active. This leaves them at a risk of preditation
    • e.g:  Lovus, Snakes, Lizards


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