Geography Ecotourism Case Study

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  • Ecotourism - Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge
    • Social benefits
      • Bought computers for a local school
      • Helped a local lady start a laundary business
      • Run community based activities for tourists
        • Local people enjoy tourism and feel its benefit
      • Employ 100% local people
    • Economic benefits
      • Helped a local lady set up a laundary business
      • Offer community based activities where locals earn money
      • Employ 100% local people
    • Environmental benefits
      • All electricity is wind and solar
      • Composting toilets
      • All soaps, washing liquids and cleaning products are eco friendly and bio degradable
      • Monitor water, gas and electricity consumption in an effort to reduce usage
    • How they contribute to sustainable development
      • Use renewable energy
        • Prevents global warming, ensures the area is unspoiled for the future
      • Don't use chemicals in soaps or cleaning products
        • No water pollution, preserves the area
      • Employ 100% local people
        • No profit or economic leakage, money goes back into the area
      • Given computers to local schools
        • Better education = better jobs = development


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