Unit 4.1: Ecosytems

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  • Ecosystems
    • what is it?
      • all the organisms living in a certain area and all non-living conditions
        • biotic
          • living features
        • abiotic
          • non-living features
    • habitat
      • place where an organism lives
      • contain niches
    • niche
      • = role of a species within its habitat
        • includes biotic interactions
          • e.g. what an organism eats
        • and abiotic interactions
          • e.g. temperature of environment
      • each species has its own
        • only one species can occupy one niche
          • if they do, competition until death of one species occurs
    • adaptations
      • = feature of a species that increases chances of survival and reproduction
      • can be ...
        • physiological (processes inside the body)
        • behavioral (the way an organism acts)
        • anatomical (structural features of body)
      • every species is adapted to use an ecosystem in a way that no other species can


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