ecosystems part 1

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  • ecosystems
    • an ecosystem is a community of living organisms sharing an environment
      • a biomes are called the largest ecosystems - the variation in biomes is due to climate e.g the climate affects the thickens of the soil. the rocks break down quicker in warm damp conditions and vegetation grows in these conditions
    • polar ecoysytems
      • temp - less than 10 degrees can reach -90, raimfall is low no more than 500mm per yr
      • animals inlcude polar bears , penguins whales and seals
      • plants- lichens mosses found in rocks - they grow slowly - small short trees and shrubs
    • hot deserts
      • climate 250mm rain per yr, temp can go to 45 degrees above
      • animals- lizards, snakes insects scoipians, animasl are adpated to harsh climate
      • plants- cacti- throns - plant roots long to reach water- fleshy stems have waxy cuticle
    • Savannah
      • climate -Savannah- 900mm rain per yr- temps reach 15 to35 degrees
      • animals - insects , grasshoppers , lions elephants giraffes
      • plants- scrubs and scattered trees
        • temperate grassland
          • climate- hot summers till 45 degrees/ cold till -40 - 250mm rain per yr
          • plants- small plants few tress and roots pred out
            • animals - antelopes bison wild horses
    • coral reefs
      • climate - warm and salty water
      • plants- alage
      • animals- sea anemone fish turtle sea snakes
    • temperate forests
      • climate- rain is up to 1500mm four seasons
      • animals- foxes squirrels birds insects
      • plants- deciduous forests -board leaved tress - forest floor growth- block out lights - coniferous forests -evergreen trees


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