economis in 20s america

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  • roaring 20s economics and business
    • big business back; after progressive era breaking down monopolies but no longer concern so have some big businesses
    • industry & business combined together to make loads of things for American's, finding loads for them to buy
      • but do american's want it?
        • how do you create a consumer economy that'll enable to want ot keep buying thigns that American industry makes & continue to profit...
          • bloom in advertisement/rise in cinema's with movies and adverts; makes American's realise things they never had before are essential & can't live without them
          • American's have loads of money to spend, so what do they spend it on?
    • new leisure in society, reduced working hours so more free time
      • firs radio, jaz singer
    • rise in technology; cars, airplanes, automobiles (1927 sees first solo fly across Atlantic)
    • union membership growing steadily in reaction to growing industrialisation of gilded age/progressive era
      • comes to end; decline in union membership partly due to increased prosperity, improved working conditinos, and increase wealth so people don't feel driven to join
        • urban workers seeing increase wages
      • 1920= 5M     1929= 3 1/2
    • rural american's still suffering
      • over production continues, farmers still left behind in this increasingly urban and industrial modern america
      • low prices leave farmers out of the loop and exclude them from roaring 20s
      • little gov support and sympathy for agricultural american's who are left behind, congress attempts to raise prices but is Veto'd by Collidge


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