Economical Factors

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  • Economical Factors: income, status, occupation
    • Physical
      • Negative
        • Low income may lead to poor lifestyle choices and nutrition which cause you to buy cheaper fat filled and less nutritious meals
        • Low income would result you being unable to attend the gym and have an membership and may also limit the opportunities for activities that you have
        • Manual jobs can cause injuries and muscular and skeletal problems
      • Positive
        • Manual work can improve muscle tone and stamina
        • Higher income can lead to better living conditions and diet
    • Emotional
      • Positive
        • Being in work, education or training can improve self-esteem
        • Having a job of a higher status could improve self-image
        • Having a secure job and income could lead to contentment
      • negative
        • Financial worries could cause family and friends to suffer
        • low income or a low status job can cause a low self-esteem and negative self-image
    • Social
      • Positive
        • being in work, school or training can increase opportunities for socialising and making new relationships and friends
        • A higher income means increased independence
      • Negative
        • A low income can decrease socialising opportunities
        • Unemployment or not being in education would reduce the opportunities you have to build new relationships
    • Intellectual
      • Positive
        • Being in work can encourage the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills
      • Negative
        • Not working (e.g. retirement) or not being in education could mean the worsening of memory
        • Staying at home without any activity and just watching TV can decrease brain activity


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