Economic recovery

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  • Economic Recovery
    • H started huge programme of public works which gave jobs to 1000s people, work to 6 million unemployed
    • 1933 huge motorways autobahn were started. Unemployment low
    • 'Invisible unemployment' didn't count Jewish people or women in the unemployment statistics
    • All men 18-25 recruited into National Labour Service and given jobs on public works project
    • Nazis got rid of trade unions, instead workers joined Nazi Labour Front
    • Strength through Joy
      • Scheme which provided workers with cheap holidays and leisure activities
    • Propaganda praised workers and tried to associate them with H
    • Beauty of Labour
      • Encouraged factory owners to improve conditions for their workers
    • Introduced Volkswagen (peoples car)
      • Ambition for people to aim for
      • Symbol of prosperous Germany
    • Wages still low but workers weren't allowed to go on strike or campaign for better working conditions


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