Economic Change: Case Studies

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  • Economic Change: Case Studies
    • Reasons for decline of industry: UK
      • Mining: Cheaper to import, modern power stations run on gas, large commercial farms
      • Farming: Cheaper to import foods, Increased mechanisation, GM crops, pesticides and herbicides
      • Fishing : Cheaper to import, international quotes now enforced, overfishing due to mechanisation
      • 1) Cheaper to make products abroad- labour and land are cheaper
        • 2) De-industrialisation - loss of traditional due to modern production and automation
          • 3) Transport enables goods to be moved quickly
            • 4) Modern communication networks - easier to keep in touch
              • 5) Growth of transnational corporations (Nike and Coca-Cola)
    • Shift of Manufacturing : Vietnam, Taiwan
      • Government bought land and gave it to the locals
      • Plastic toys were produced in Taiwan de to cheap labour
      • Taiwan now produces computers
      • Due to wages increasing, more parents can afford to send their children to school
    • Why has Chinas manufacturing sector grown?
      • The demand for manufacturing or construction has increase
      • Growing global demand for manufactured goods
      • Cheap workforce, 40p per hour
      • Close to other developing countries
      • Available natural resources
    • Location of primary industry: South East Asia (palm oil)
      • The humid temperature is needed for the palm oil trees to grow
      • Flat land, fertile soil and a lot of rain
    • Location factors of secondary industry: Toyota, Burnaston, Derby
      • 100 hectares of flat land
      • Near the A38 and M1
      • Cheap electricity available from local power stations
      • Public transport has improved
    • Location factors of territory industry: India
      • 40% cheaper to run than Britain
      • Staff in India are educated to a higher level than Britain
      • People speak good English
      • Located in areas which a high unemployment rate
    • Rual deindustrialisation: St Austell, Cornwall (Eden Project)
      • More money to the area, nature reserves, less transport traffic, less us of resources
      • Less jobs, people leaving the area, ruins the landscape, less money for locals
      • Eden Project hosts pop concerts, which is popular with locals, leisure attractions
      • Reaches new audience, conference facilities on site, gets people fit, improves landscape, raises awareness for climate change
  • The demand for manufacturing or construction has increase


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