economic developments

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  • Best economic development?-tives and +tives
    • state capitalism
      • Lenin wanted to ease into communism and this was an in-between of socialism and capitalism
      • Many bolseviksdidnt want a halfway house and demanded state control of every part of economy
      • allowing factories to be taken over by workers caused sharp drops in production
      • letting peasants have cotrol over selling grain meant higher prices, but state controlled industries needed cheap grain so workers wages didn't have to increase
    • war communism
      • put in place die to the hardshipsrussians were facing during the civil was such as falling industrial production, fighting in country side, food shortagescities and disease and starvation
      • popular with a lot of bolshevikparty because it was ideologically what they wanted
      • not popular with peasants due to grain requisitioning and bourgeoisas there was a class based rationing system
      • led to famine in the countryside, kulaks were worst hit, sometimes whole supply was seized, peasants would sow less grain in protest. 1921 harvest was 48% of 1913
      • led to depopulated cities as people would flee to countryside in hope for food
      • Tambov- peasant army of 70,000 rose up in 1920 against gov't forces, it spread over large  areas and lasted 10 months. 100,000crushed it w a brutal approach
      • Kronstadt- cuts in rations led to strikes and riots in cities which promoted30,000 sailors at kronstadtnaval base to rebel, they opposed their one party dictatorship. 15,000 rebels imprisoned. it caused divisions within the party
    • NEP
      • cities regained services
      • peasants grew more in order to earn more money from trade
      • so much food was grown that prices dropped, but manufactured goods were still scarce- scissor crisis and could lead to peasants hoarding
        • to stop this from worsening, peasants quota became a money tax so they had to sell their grain to pay and industrial good prices were capped
      • NEPmen helped get economy moving but hated by bolsheviks as represented capitalism
      • lenin did a ban on factions as knew it wouldn't be popular
      • GPU (cheka) given more power to root out counter revolutionaries
      • nomenklatura system introduced- list of those who showed complete loyalty and would be the people who would be considered for promotions


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