Economic development during the reign of Henry VIII

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  • Economic development during H8
    • Trade
      • volume of English trade increase during first half of 16th century
      • cloth exports increased, raw wood decreased
      • increased wine import showcases increase spending power from bourgeois
      • increased  use of London ports had negative impacts on Bristol, Hull and Boston ports
        • hard to compete against London
      • 1550s-70% of cloth exports from English merchants, before this was mainly in foreign hands
      • cloth industry operated largely on a domestic basis
      • cloth trade greatest increase:westriding of Yorkshire,eastanglia and West Country
      • growth of lead mining in high pennines, coal mining in northeast England and iron ore mining in Sussex
    • Exploration
      • H8 didn't build on achievementsCabot and Bristol merchants
      • Robert throne increased exploration in Iceland and newfoundland
      • Cabot didn't return to England from Spain until Edward
    • England economically healthier under tudors than any other time since Roman occupation- Guy
      • YES
        • decline in mortality
        • 1520s:arigcultural prices rose increasing framing income
        • engrossing: joining two or more farms-increase efficiency
        • debasement of the coinage caused short term boom in 1544-46
      • NO
        • bad harvests in 1520-21,27-29 caused increased food prices, problems for urban workers
        • wages declined
        • over half population of coventry and 1/3of Yarmouth had no personal wealth
        • growing unemployment plus over 5000 migrants a year
        • some people made homeless by enclosure
    • Enclosure
      • led to the poor being forced to leave homes
      • Wolsey launched enclosure commission in 1517
        • at least 188 defendants found to have been enclosed illegally
      • legislation in 1534 limited sheep ownership and engrossing
        • limited effectiveness against enclosure
    • Population
      • increased population strained food supply
      • wages are stagnating at best
      • population increased benefited wealthy farmers as food prices along with farmers wage increased
      • society became polarised
        • rich became richer and poor became poorer


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