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  • Ecology and Western Domination
    • Section One- Neo-Europes, temperate zones and sea ports
      • Historiography
        • Diamond states ecological factors as the ultimate factors to social and economic development. Accidents of geography and biogeography (1997)
          • Merret 2003- Geography is the ultimate reason why some regions developed faster and more fully than others
        • Geographically restricted land empires (Beinart 2007) - Oceans into highways (Crosby 1986)
      • East West climate made domination easier- geographical preconditions for colonisation and thus economic domination
    • Section Two- domesticatable species- zoonotic diseases and access to agriculture- impact held
      • Historiography
        • Plants and domesticated animals facilitated the process of colonisation (Beinart 2007)
          • New diseases major component of ecological imperialism (Beinart 2007)
            • Resulted paradoxically from the difference in useful livestock (Diamond 1997)
          • Diamond states the trajectory of human progress to be dependent of domestication (1997)
    • Section Three-Columbian Exchange- Economic/Trade benefit
      • Historiography
        • The introduction of calorific crops facilitated agricultural developments that allowed for sustained population growth in the Old World  (Jordan 2016)
          • Plant transfers lay at the heart of imperialism and the Atlantic slave trade (Beinart 2007)
            • Led to population explosion in the Old World (Crosby 1986)
        • New World crops could grow on the soil that Old World crops could not- increased food surplus and agricultural yield  (Crosby 2003)
    • Section Four- Impact of factors- industrialising
      • Historiography
        • Beinart 2007- population increase results in a intensification of production and trade
        • Potato= 12% population increase- 47% of post adoption increase in urbanisation resultant of the potato (Nunn 2010)
          • Production of crops led to large inflows of profit to Europe that fuelled the IR and rise of Europe (Nunn 2010)
        • Other societies had begun industrialisation but had been held back by ecological factors (Crosby 1986)
        • Diamond states that Eurasia's economic strength was dependent on food production


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