The goals of ecologism can only be obtained through radical social change. Discuss

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  • ‘The goals of ecologism can only be achieved through radical social change.’ Discuss
    • No
      • Deep Ecologists
        • Paradigm change, people's moral, psycho-emotional relationship with nature
        • Social change cannot bring ecological conciousness
      • Modernist or Reformist Ecologists
        • Piecemeal reforms
        • Eco sustainability can be compatible with growth and capitalism
    • Yes
      • Eco-Feminists
        • Patriarchy underlying cause, its destruction will bring back balance
        • Differences, with women more nurturing and caring, men destructive
      • Eco-Anarchists
        • Only in stateless society, with self-contained communities can nature be protected
        • State and centralized power main threat to ecological balance
        • For example oppose IMF and WTO as destroy environment by restructuring economies to maximise profit
      • Eco-Socialists
        • Capitalism root cause of environmental degradation
        • Overthrow and replace by socialism
        • Re-order relationship between humankind and nature


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