Eco-tourism Geography

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  • Eco-tourism
    • Involves areas that are in some way 'special' or 'precious', because of their scenery, wildlife, remoteness or culture
    • Aims to educate people and inccrease the understanding and appreciation
    • Minimises impact on, and damage to, the environment and local community
    • Maximises local involvement, local control and local benifits
    • People are becoming more aware of the econimic, social and environmental issues of mass tourism and want to make it 'greener'
    • Many people in HICs believe that the environment is a big issue facing the world
    • Surveys show that half the people who go on eco holidays are either retired or work part-time. Nearly 70% were married or living with a partner and  over 20% of eco-tourists had a university degree
    • Much less exploitive of resources
    • Shows greater respect for the communities and the environment


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