Eco Systems

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  • Definitions
    • Eco Systems
      • biomes
        • A biome is a piece of land that has its own ecosystem
        • The rain forest
          • They are located between the tropics of cancer and capricorn
          • The layers
            • Canopy= A layer of trees which prevent most sunlight reaching the forest floor and they act as an umbrella
            • Buttress Roots= These are very large and are on top of the ground. They help tall trees stand up and support them in soft soil.
            • Emergants= These trees grow tall and emerge through the canopy to get light
            • Under Canopy= This is a sub layer of trees under the canopy which are smaller due to lack of light
            • Epiphytes= These vines wrap themselves around the trees and support them
            • Bushes= These plants are small because of lack of light on the forest floor
          • Threats
            • Logging, cattle ranching, farming, mining and scrapping trees for rubber
        • Desert
          • A landscape that receives an extremely low amount of rain, less than 250mm a year
      • Kayapo Tribe
        • They hunt, fish and collect forest food from trees
        • They live near the xinga river in a forest
      • Key words
        • Humus= Jelly like substance on top of soil
        • Inception= Trees catch rain
        • Infertile= Soil has no nutrients meaning nothing can grow
        • Nutrience= A substance that provides something
    • Ecosystem=  when living things interact with non-living things
    • Producer
      • Plants are called producers. This is because they produce their own food! They do this by using light energy from the Sun.
    • Consumer
      • A food chain ends with a consumer, which is an animal that eats a plant or another animal
    • Decomposer
      • Decomposers are organisms such as bacteria and fungi that break down the organic matter in the dead bodies of plants and animals. As the decomposers feed from the dead animals, they break down the organic compounds into simple nutrients.


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