eating behaviours - health concerns

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  • Eating Behaviour - HEALTH CONCERNS
    • Health concerns e.g. reducing salt, red meat, saturated fats, 5 a day campaigns can all influence our eating behaviour
      • These health concerns are often promoted by the media
      • The main problem is that this can often lead to parents projecting some of their anxieties about food onto their children
    • Steptoe used a questionnaire to study eating behaviours. Found health concerns were a factor in food preference but other factors ranked highly e.g. convenience  price, familiarity
      • Suggests that although health concerns are a factor that influences eating behaviour other factors are more important
    • Monneuse et al found that people with a preference for high sugar content in dairy products chose items with lower sugar content, suggesting that health concerns do influence
    • Allen et al presented students with a 30 minute film about what they were eating, when they were asked to select a fast food mean afterwards they were more likely to go for the healthy option


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