Mood and eating behaviour

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  • Mood and eating behaviour
    • Binge eating
      • A01- pattern of disordered eating which consists of episode of uncontrollable eating, during binges a person rapidly consumes an excessive amount.
        • Research has shown individuals with bulimia often complain of anxiety prior to a binge.
      • A02- Wegner et al - students record their eating patterns and mood states over 2 week period. Binge days were characterised by generally low mood compared to non binge days.
        • There was no difference in mood before or after binge. This suggests that although low mood may make binge eating more likely, it does not alleviate the low mood state.
    • Comfort eating
      • A01- Tend to eat junk food when fell low.
        • Gorg et al- claimed that people who feel sad or depressed want to 'jolt themselves out of the dumps' therefore more likely to go for a snack to get a sudden rush.
      • Gorg et al- observed food choices of 38 participants as they watched either upbeat funny movie or a sad one . Participants in sad film ate more unhealthy snacks.
      • Parker et al-although chocolate has high antidepressants, when consumed as an emotional eating strategy , more likely to prolong rather than alleviate negative mood, especially when used repeatedly.


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