Pros and Cons of Eastern European Migration to host and source countries

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  • Eastern European Migration to the UK
    • Advantages to source country
      • More job opportunities for women
      • Remittance is sent back
      • Migrants return with new skills and qualifications
      • Less pressure on services such as health care
      • Population density decreases
      • Standard of living may be improved by government or political parties to attract migrants back
      • In Poland, large companies persude young academics to resist the pull to emigrate with incentives
    • Advantages to host country
      • Immigrants with strong work ethics can work longer hours for less
      • Gaps in the labour market that people in host country are unwilling to do, are filled
      • Increase of culture and diversity
      • Growth of ethnic retailing/new culture shops
      • Aid and contribution to economic growth
      • 80% of immigrants are working people between the ages 18-35 which can help offset the threat of an ageing population
      • Congregation has increased (many Poles are catholic)
      • Skilled labour gained at a reduced cost
      • Offset of inflationary pressures caused by rising fuel prices, allowing interest rates to remain low
    • Disadvantages to source country
      • Brain drain, skilled workers emigrate
      • Young people are emigrating, threat of an ageing population
        • Dependency ratio  increases
      • Family division
      • Shortage of workers, slow economic growth
      • Emigrates may be exploited
      • Poland's population decreased and birth rate fell
    • Disadvantages to host country
      • Over-dependent of some industries on migrant labour
      • Overcrowding
      • Even though immigrants are required to pay 12 months of tax from working in the country, after they are able to claim benefits and choose not to work
      • Stronger competition for jobs
      • More pressure on services such as police force and NHS
      • Higher demand for houses
      • Loss of British culture
      • Segregation and growth of parallel communities
      • Increased welfare payment
      • Conflict/civil unrest
      • British government face demands for more strict immigration controls


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