Easter 1916

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  • Easter 1916
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      • Palmade to September 1913 - 'I was wrong' tone
      • Leda and the Swan - 'a terrible beauty is born' AKA Helen of Troy
      • The Fisherman - mocks the common man for not respecting the true beauty of nature and Ireland
    • Quotes
      • 'A terrible beauty is born'
        • Fighting for independence is beautiful but the blood shed will be terrible - Oxymoron
        • Repetition acts as a reminder for people to remember both sides of a revolution
      • 'Her nights in argument until her voice grew shrill'
        • Reference to Constance Markievicz - good friend of Yeats, showed true passion for the revolution, showed a scary side
      • 'From counter or desk'
        • Yeats is talking about the same people as September 1913 - shows how people change in revolution
    • Form
      • Rhyme scheme = ABAB - powerful but never facile
        • troubled balance between off-rhymes and true rhymes
      • 24/4/16 lines - mirrors the date of the revolution
      • Elegy written for the dead / anthem for Ireland
      • Uses Iambic tetrameter and trimeter - conveys insignificance of conformity and change within Irland
    • Context
      • Uses art to represent the lead revolutionists - one being Maud's husband (John Macbride)
        • Maud wrote a furious letter to Yeats saying she hated the poeme as it called Macbridge out on all his faults




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