Earthquake in the UK ~ Market Rasen, 2008

Refers to AQA A2 Geography (Plate Tectonics and Assosiated Hazards)

A quick case study of a UK earthquake - good to add into a 40 mark essay.

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  • Earthquakes in the UK ~ Market Rasen, 2008
    • Why did it occur?
      • Not near a plate boundary so major earthquakes are unknown.
      • As the plates move, tensions are set up within them and can be relieved by ground movements some distance from the boundaries.
        • Results in MINOR quakes.
    • How severe was the earthquake?
      • Homes were shaken causing some panic calls to the emergency services.
      • Chimney Stacks collapsed, falling into streets.
      • A falling chimney stack fell on a sleeping man in Barnsley, breaking his pelvis.
      • House roofs damaged as tiles fell.
      • Secondary damage to roads and pavements from falling masonry.
      • Total cost to insurance companies an estimated £30 million.
      • However, no building collapse, bridge collapse or deaths.
    • Background
      • Occured on 27th Februrary, 2008
      • 5.2 on the Richter Scale
      • Occured at a depth of 18.6km
      • Epicentre 4km North of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire
      • Strongest quake to hit Britain for 25 years.


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