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  • Earthquakes
    • strange animal behavior e.g toads. monitoring electrical discharges. recording minor tremors (foreshocks)
    • foreshocks are minor tremors which rise before the main earthquake event. they can be recorded on a seismograph
    • focus - point below the ground, shockwaves radiate out from there and where crustal tension is released
      • epicenter- a point on the surface, area of greatest destruction and visible sign of earthquake
    • 6 marks-the effects of earthquake(reduced) forecasting- some people can forecast them by looking at the history of earthquake in the area e.g LA seismologists track the recurrence interval of earthquake. this is to help find out if there is a pattern to the magnitude and frequency of the earthquake
      • planning- on the 1st September japan have an earthquake practice day. this allows people to practice what they should do during an earthquake so that they do not panic and less people die
        • design- the transamerica pyramid in san francisco has been built to withstand earthquakes (triangular design, wide stable base and steel frame)
    • 6 marks- why people continue to live- and economic reason for living near an earthquake is money for the locals from jobs in tourism e.g the san andreas fault in usa has many tourists using hotels and restaurants
      • in LIC's a social reason for living near an earthquake is that people can't afford to move from the area so they are forces to live there e,g pakistan
    • prevent- buildings are protected by the shape of the building, wide base this stops buildings falling over
      • springs to absorb shock ,plastic windows to stop windows breaking. special wallpapers so when it dries it becomes 10x harder than steel
    • caused by conservative plate boundary(two plates sliding past each other)


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