Earthquakes effects and responses

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  • Earthquakes effects and responses
    • primary effects
      • immediate impacts of the ground shaking
      • building and bridges collapse and homes are destroyed
      • people are injured or killed by collapsed buildings and falling debris
      • roads, railways, ports and airports are damaged
      • electricity cables, gas, water pipes and communication networks are damaged cutting off supplies
    • secondary effects
      • a result of the primary effects
      • earthquakes can trigger landslides and tsunamis
        • destroy more building and cause more injuries and deaths
      • leaking gas can be ignited causing fires
      • people are left homeless
        • could die from the cold
      • shortage of clean water and proper sanitation
        • easier for diseases to spread
      • destroyed roads mean aid and emergency vehicles cannot get through and trade is difficult
      • businesses are damaged or destroyed causing unemployment and lost income
        • tourists are put off visiting the area
      • repairs and reconstruction is expensive
        • can weaken a country's economy
    • responses
      • long-term
        • re-house people who have lost their homes
        • repair or rebuild damaged building, roads, railways and bridges
        • reconnect broken electricity, water, gas and communication connections
        • improve building regulations so building are more resistant to earthquakes
        • set up initives to help economic recovery
          • for example promote tourism
      • immediate
        • rescue people trapped by collapsed buildings and treat injured people
        • recover dead bodies
          • prevent spread of disease
        • put out fires
        • set up temporary shelters for people whose homes have been damaged or destroyed
        • provide temporary supplies of water, food, electricity, gas and communications systems
        • some goveremts or charities may send aid workers, supplies, equipment or financial support to affected areas


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