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  • Earthquakes
    • All four major plate boundaries - worst occur at destructive and conservative plate boundaries
    • When the plates push together, e rocks store pressure. The pressure gets too much causing one mass of rock to give way suddenly and lurch upward resulting in an earthquake.
    • Keywords
      • Seismic waves
      • Focus
      • Epicentre
      • Magnitude
      • Seismometer
    • Vibrations from earthquakes are stronger, the closer to the epicentre and focus they are
    • The higher the magnitude the more destruction that is caused as more energy is released
    • Earthquakes are vibrations caused by movements at plate boundaries and at major fault lines
    • Measured
      • Richter scale
        • Precise measureme- ts of the magnitude of the earthquake (+)
        • Expensive equipment needed (-)
        • It doesn't give you a good idea of how much damage has been caused (-)
      • Mercalli scale
        • Cheap (+)
        • You don't have to be skilled to use it (+)
        • It gives you a good idea of how much damage has been caused (+)
        • It doesn't give a measurementof the earthquakes power (-)
    • Prediction
      • Sensitive instruments monitor changes in the Earth - laser beams and seismographs
    • Protection
      • Weights controlled by computers ( if the building moves the weight moves it in the other direction)
      • Rubber shock absorbers in foundations - allow the building to absorb Earth tremors and stop the foundations from cracking
    • Preperation
      • Emergency services have strict procedures
      • School emergency drills and plan


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