Earthquakes Case Study MEDC

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  • Earthquake Case Study MEDC
    • Background Info
      • L'Aquila, Italy
      • 6th April 2009
      • 6.3 on richter scale
      • cause: movement along crack in the plate at destructive margin
      • around $15 billion in damage
    • Secondary Impacts
      • fires in collapsed buildings caused more damage
      • 1000s of people made homeless
      • broken water pipe caused landslide
      • aftershocks hampered rescue efforts and caused more damaged
    • Primary Impacts
      • 1000s buildings were damaged or destroyed
      • 100s were injured
      • around 290 deaths- collapsed buildings
      • Bridge near Fossa collapsed
      • mains water pipe was broken
    • Reasons for severity of impact
      • camps were set up with water, food and medical help
      • international teams also sent in
        • reduces number of deaths as people rescued quickly
          • ambulances, army and fire engines sent into to rescue survivors
      • laws on construction standards
        • some withstood earthquake and didn't collapse
        • some weren't built to right standard
      • ambulances, army and fire engines sent into to rescue survivors
      • Italy has civil department that trains volunteers for rescue operations


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